Jason Gaidis: Founding Editor/ Fiction Editor

Jason Gaidis earned his MFA from Ashland University. His writing has appeared in Black Fork Review and is forthcoming in the Adrift anthology from Third Street Writers. His short story, “Pecans, Cognac, and COVID” won the Micro-fiction Fridays Challenge at Ariel’s Dream Literary Journal. Jason is a career officer in the United States Navy. He lives and writes in Bahrain.

Amy Zaranek: CNF Editor

Amy Zaranek is an MFA candidate at Ashland University. She is also the assistant managing editor and lead creative nonfiction editor for the Black Fork Review. Her writing has appeared in matchbook, Yemassee Journal, honey & lime, and Walloon Writers Review. Her essay “The Game of Global Domination” will appear in IO Literary Journal‘s pandemic-themed e-book, “Tales from Six Feet Apart.” Amy lives and writes in the Midwest. Visit her online at

You may contact Jason and Amy at with any questions. We do not accept emailed submissions–they will be deleted unread.

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